The Prison Law blog accepts unsolicited articles, blog posts and content as long as it follows our submission guidelines.

The Prison Law blog accepts unsolicited articles, blog posts and content as long as it follows our submission guidelines.

The Prison Law Blog accepts unsolicited article, blog post and content submissions from freelance writers. The following submission guidelines should be adhered to when submitting to


All submissions to the Prison Law Blog must be the author's original work and must adhere to strict quality standards. This includes the meticulous citation of sources, if applicable. This is one of the few points that we cannot bend on.  If a work is found to contain uncited materials, it will not be considered for publication and the author will be banned from future submission consideration.

The Prison Law Blog is proud to consider submissions from the various stakeholders in the prison law, prisoners’ rights, and prison reform arenas. With this being said, we are open to submissions from attorneys, prison consultants, prisoners, prison guards, and anyone else who has something important to say, as long as they say it in a professional and high quality manner.

Word Counts

While the Prison Law Blog is open to submissions of any length, we prefer for articles to be a minimum of 500 words. This allows the writer to really delve into the topic at hand and provide something of importance to our readership. While 500 words is the floor, we regularly publish articles in the 1,500 to 2,500 range also. In fact, we prefer longer, thoroughly researched articles.

Political Perspective

We at the Prison Law Blog are supporters of prisoners' rights, prison reform, and anything else which will help America reduce its dependence on incarceration. With this in mind, we are not guerrilla activists or extremists. As such, we prefer a healthy discourse by the various stakeholders in the prison law and prisoners’ rights industries, as long as the end goal is progress. We do not publish articles supporting enhanced incarceration, prison privatization, or the abuse or ridicule of prisoners. We do publish articles which argue for additional in-prison programming, services to help prisoners get out and stay out for good, legal analysis of almost any issue imaginable (as long as it pertains to prisons or criminal law), and anything else which promotes the social health of America (which includes reducing our dependence on incarceration).

Types of Submissions

The Prison Law Blog publishes a wide variety of content forms. While articles are our go-to form, we're open to book reviews, research papers, case reviews/analysis, essays, book excerpts, infographics, and anything else that provides value to our readers.  Submissions can be for both a non-legal and a legal audience. With the exception of essays, the third-person writing style should be utilized since it lends a certain level of professionalism to writings.

At this juncture, we're particularly interested in receiving submissions which analyze recent legal cases and report news about various prison systems. We are striving to expand our news coverage. As such, any submissions about recent events will be given priority. Thoroughly researched submissions will also be given priority because these types of content tend to go viral at a much higher rate than those that are not research-based.


While we prefer that sources be utilized in any piece of writing, this is not required. The only time citations are absolutely required are when a statistic is presented or a quote is used. In these events, we're fine with in-text or endnote citations being utilized.

It should be stated that articles which are thoroughly sourced tend to go viral at a much higher rate than those that are not. Due to this observance, we often fast track well-researched articles for publication.

Media Components

The Prison Law Blog prefers to include media components with every piece of content that we publish. This includes images, logos, videos, and audio files. We also publish infographics by themselves. Inclusion of media is strongly encouraged, when possible.  Original media is highly sought after by the Prison Law Blog.

Publication of Previously Published Work

The Prison Law Blog is open to receiving submission of previously published work as long as it is of particular interest to our readership. More thoroughly research articles are more likely to make this cut. If an author has published an article or paper elsewhere and feels that the Prison Law Blog readership would find it of interest, they should email us a copy of the previously published article to review.

Book Authors

The Prison Law Blog is particularly interested in serializing texts about prison law, prisoners’ rights, criminal law, or any other prison-related field, as long as it is ideologically agreeable and of interest to our readers. Book authors, who's text falls within these categories, should contact us to discuss potential serialization opportunities. Through text serialization the Prison Law Blog can help book authors greatly expand their promotional reach with little additional effort on the author's part.

Current Needs

As previously stated, the Prison Law Blog is very interested in receiving news articles, analysis/review of recent case law, and book reviews. As of late, we've had a good reader response to articles advocating for reforming sex offender laws. So, we encourage submissions in that category. Thoroughly researched submissions are always given priority.

How to Make Submission

Queries and unsolicited submissions can be sent to: 

Christopher Zoukis
FCI Petersburg
P.O. Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804