Directory of Federal Prisons

The Directory of Federal Prisons:'s Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility Directory by Christopher Zoukis and Dr. Randall Radic (Middle Street Publishing, 2014) is the world's most trusted electronic resource for the contact information and basic character profile of every federal prison and private contract prison which houses federal prison inmates.

The Directory is essential reading for everyone who knows anyone in federal custody and desires to stay in contact with them.

Who is the Directory of Federal Prisons For?

The Directory of Federal Prisons was developed for federal prison inmates' family members, friends, attorneys, prison consultants, and others who desire to stay in contact with them. The concept behind the Directory was that there are many distinct and diverse groups who at one time or another need to reach out to someone in federal custody, yet there wasn't a trustworthy electronic resource available to assist in this process. Thus, the Directory of Federal Prisons was born.

The Directory was also envisioned as a useful tool for journalists and others who regularly write about the Federal Bureau of Prisons or federal prisoners. These groups are often shunned by federal prison officials in an effort to engage in an effective policy of media blackout. The Directory of Federal Prisons therefore informs journalists and writers about the basic character profiles of every federal prison and contract facility, along with providing multiple points of contact for each prison, therefore making it that much harder for the Federal Bureau of Prisons to ignore media inquiries.

What Contact Information is Included?

The Directory of Federal Prisons provides the official contact information for every federal prison's administration (and every contract prison which houses federal prison inmates), along with the inmate correspondence address for each such facility. The following contact information is available for all such prisons:

  • Prison Street Address
  • Prison Mailing Address
  • Prison Email Address
  • Prison Phone Number
  • Prison Fax Number

The inmate correspondence address, which is provided for every profiled prison, shows readers exactly how to address their mail to federal prisoners. This is of the utmost importance since federal prison mailrooms are known to refuse mail if the addresses do not contain all required information. This is also a very valuable feature since inmate correspondence addresses change periodically. Mail sent to an old address will not be delivered. As such, readers can rely on the Directory of Federal Prisons to provide up-to-date contact information for every federal prison and private prison which houses federal prison inmates.

What Information is Included in the Character Profiles?

The Directory of Federal Prisons provides basic character profiles for all profiled prisons. This character profile information helps media reporters better cover the prison beat and also helps to inform attorneys, prison consultants, government officials, and even federal prisoners' families and friends about every federal prison and private contact prison. The following character profile information is included for every profiled prison:

  • Male or Female Federal Prisoners
  • Prison Security Level
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons Region
  • Federal Judicial District
  • Inmate Population Number
  • If there is an adjacent Satellite Prison Camp

How Does the Directory of Federal Prisons Help Readers Locate Sought Information?

The Directory of Federal Prisons was developed with one goal in mind: to make locating information about individual federal prisons as easy as humanly possible. As such, the Directory employs a number of useful, quick-reference features to help readers find the information they are seeking, and fast.

The Directory divides all profiled prisons by Federal Bureau of Prisons region. All of these profiled prisons are listed directly in the Table of Contents, which is "live"; as such, all readers have to do is click on the name of the prison that they are searching for, and they will be taken directly to the prison's profile. On the other hand, readers can simply click on the chapter which contains the prison in question and scroll through the profiled federal prisons, which are listed in alphabetical order for ease of discovery.

If a reader isn't certain what prison they are searching for, they can use one of the six appendices, five of which further categorize every federal prison to make locating them within the text even easier. The appendices are as follows:

  • Appendix 1: Federal Prisons Divided by Region
  • Appendix 2: Alphabetical List of Federal Prisons
  • Appendix 3: Federal Prisons Housing Female Inmates
  • Appendix 4: Federal Prisons Divided by Security Level
  • Appendix 5: Satellite Prison Camps
  • Appendix 6: Other Important BOP Contact Information

Literally, every conceivable method of discovery has been put into practice in an effort to make the information contained within the Directory of Federal Prisons as discoverable as possible.

What Federal Prisons Are Included?

The Directory of Federal Prisons profiles federal prisons by the region in which they reside. They include prisons in the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Mid-Atlantic Region, North Central Region, Northeast Region, South Central Region, South East Region, and Western Region. All profiled federal prisons are listed below.

Mid-Atlantic Region Federal Prisons

  • FCI Alderson
  • FCI Ashland
  • FCI Beckley
  • USP Big Sandy
  • FCI Butner Low
  • FCI Butner Medium 1
  • FCI Butner Medium 2
  • FMC Butner
  • FCI Cumberland
  • FCI Gilmer
  • USP Hazelton
  • USP Lee
  • FMC Lexington
  • FCI Manchester
  • USP McCreary
  • FCI McDowell
  • FCI Memphis
  • FCI Morgantown
  • FCI Petersburg Low
  • FCI Petersburg Medium

North Central Region Federal Prisons

  • MCC Chicago
  • FPC Duluth
  • FCI Englewood
  • FCI Florence
  • USP Florence
  • USP Florence-ADMAX
  • FCI Greenville
  • USP Leavenworth
  • USP Marion
  • FCI Milan
  • FCI Oxford
  • FCI Pekin
  • FMC Rochester
  • FCI Sandstone
  • MCFP Springfield
  • FCI Terre Haute
  • USP Terre Haute
  • FCI Waseca
  • FPC Yankton

Northeast Region Federal Prisons

  • FCI Allenwood Low
  • FCI Allenwood Medium
  • USP Allenwood
  • FCI Berlin
  • MDC Brooklyn
  • USP Canaan
  • FCI Danbury
  • FMC Devens
  • FCI Elkton
  • FCI Fairton
  • FCI Fort Dix
  • USP Leavenworth
  • FCI Loretto
  • FCI McKean
  • MCC New York
  • FCI Otisville
  • FDC Philadelphia
  • FCI Ray Brook
  • FCI Schuylkill

South Central Region Federal Prisons

  • FCI Bastrop
  • FCI Beaumont Low
  • FCI Beaumont Medium
  • USP Beaumont
  • FCI Big Spring
  • FPC Bryan
  • FMC Carswell
  • FCI El Reno
  • FCI Forrest City
  • FCI Forrest City Medium
  • FCI Fort Worth
  • FDC Houston
  • FCI La Tuna
  • FCI Oakdale
  • FDC Oakdale
  • FTC Oklahoma City
  • FCI Pollock Medium
  • USP Pollock
  • FCI Seagoville
  • FCI Texarkana
  • FCI Three Rivers

South East Region Federal Prisons

  • FCI Aliceville
  • USP Atlanta
  • FCI Bennettsville
  • FCI Coleman Low
  • FCI Coleman Medium
  • USP Coleman 1
  • USP Coleman 2
  • FCI Edgefield
  • FCI Estill
  • MDC Guaynabo
  • FCI Jesup
  • FCI Marianna
  • FCI Miami
  • FDC Miami
  • FPC Montgomery
  • FPC Pensacola
  • FCI Talladega
  • FCI Tallahassee
  • FCI Williamsburg
  • FCI Yazoo City
  • FCI Yazoo City Medium

Western Region Federal Prisons

  • USP Atwater
  • FCI Dublin
  • FCI Herlong
  • FDC Honolulu
  • FCI Lompoc
  • USP Lompoc
  • MDC Los Angeles
  • FCI Mendota
  • FCI Phoenix
  • FCI Safford
  • MDC San Diego
  • FDC Sea Tac
  • FCI Sheridan
  • FCI Terminal Island
  • FCI Tucson
  • USP Tucson
  • FCI Victorville 1
  • FCI Victorville 2
  • USP Victorville

What Federal Satellite Prison Camps Are Included?

Mid-Atlantic Region Federal Satellite Prison Camps

  • FCI Ashland-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Beckley-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Big Sandy-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Butner-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Cumberland-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Gilmer-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Hazelton-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Lee-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Manchester-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP McCreary-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI McDowell-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Memphis-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Petersburg Low-Satellite Prison Camp

North Central Region Federal Satellite Prison Camps

  • FCI Englewood-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Florence-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Leavenworth-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Marion-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Oxford-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Terre Haute-Satellite Prison Camp

Northeast Region Federal Satellite Prison Camps

  • FCI Allenwood Low-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Berlin-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Canaan-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FMC Devens-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Fairton-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Fort Dix-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Lewisburg-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Loretto-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI McKean-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Otisville-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Schuylkill-Satellite Prison Camp

South Central Region Federal Satellite Prison Camps

  • FCI Bastrop-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Beaumont-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Big Spring-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI El Reno-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Forrest City-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI La Tuna-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FDC Oakdale-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Pollock-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Seagoville-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Texarkana-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Three Rivers-Satellite Prison Camp

South East Region Federal Satellite Prison Camps

  • USP Atlanta-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Bennettsville-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Edgefield-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Estill-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Jesup-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Miami-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Talladega-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Williamsburg-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Yazoo City-Satellite Prison Camp

Western Region Federal Satellite Prison Camps

  • USP Atwater-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Herlong-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Lompoc-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Mendota-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Sheridan-Satellite Prison Camp
  • USP Tucson-Satellite Prison Camp

What Federal Satellite Prison Camps for Women Are Included?

  • FCI Aliceville-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Coleman-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Danbury-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Dublin-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Greenville-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Mariana-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Pekin-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Phoenix-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FCI Victorville 2-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FMC Carswell-Satellite Prison Camp
  • FMC Lexington-Satellite Prison Camp

What Private Prisons Are Included?

  • CI Adams County
  • CI Big Spring
  • CI Cibola County
  • CI D. Ray James
  • CI Dalby
  • CI Eden
  • CI McRae
  • CI Moshannon Valley
  • CI Northeast Ohio
  • CI Reeves 1
  • CI Reeves 2
  • CI Reeves 3
  • CI Rivers
  • CI Taft
  • CI Taft-Satellite Prison Camp
  • CI Willacy County

About the Directory of Federal Prisons Authors

Christopher Zoukis

Christopher Zoukis is the author of Education Behind Bars: A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security (Sunbury Press, 2012) and the forthcoming College for Convicts(McFarland & Company, 2015). He's the founder of and, and is a regular, contributing writer for Prison Legal News, Blog Critics, and AND Magazine. His work has been published in The Sacramento Bee, The Kansas City Star, Midwest Book Review, among other national, regional, and specialty outlets.

Mr. Zoukis is currently a federal prisoner, and is a highly sought after prison commentator, as well as a consultant to several noted prison consulting firms. He can be found online at

Dr. Randall Radic

Dr. Randall Radic is the author of a number of books, including: Gone to Hell: True Crimes of America's Clergy (ECW Press, 2009), A Priest in Hell: Gangs, Murder, and Snitching in a California Jail (ECW Press, 2009), Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood (Headpress, 2012), amongst others.

Dr. Radic is Senior Editor and Chief Operating Officer of Middle Street Publishing. He superintends and, where he can regularly be found contributing.

Where Can Readers buy the Directory of Federal Prisons?

The Directory of Federal Prisons:'s Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility Directory is available for sale everywhere ebooks are sold online.