Federal Prison Guidebook (2015 Edition)

by Alan Ellis, J. Michael Henderson & Todd Bussert

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ISBN: 0-9664436-2-4

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There are few individuals in the criminal litigation and prison practice realm more respected than Alan Ellis, former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and former president of the ACLU of Central Pennsylvania.  The same can be said for the Federal Prison Guidebook's other authors, former Bureau of Prisons official J. Michael Henderson, and noted criminal defense attorney Todd Bussert.

Also beyond debate is the value of the Federal Prison Guidebook.  It is universally accepted as the authoritative text for information on all of the Federal Bureau of Prisons' facilities.  From Bureau employees to defense attorneys to federal judges to prisoners, the Federal Prison Guidebook is the source for detailed information on location, security information, physical plant, programs available, and even directions to all 182 such federal institutions and private contract facilities.  It is updated biannually.

The Federal Prison Guidebook also contains authoritative explanations on key Bureau policies and regulations, i.e., medical treatment protocols, classification, and the like.  The Federal Prison Guidebook is simply unrivaled as a source for essential information on the Federal Bureau of Prisons.