Georgetown Law Journal: 44th Annual Review of Criminal Procedure, 2015

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Virtually every prison law library in America has on its shelves at least one copy of "the Georgetown."  And for good reason: the text is bedrock one for incarcerated litigants seeking to challenge their criminal conviction or sentence.

The Georgetown Law Journal is published annually by the Georgetown University Law Center.  Usually in excess of 1,000 pages, this text provides a comprehensive overview of the criminal process, from arrest to trial to sentencing to appeal and beyond.  While other texts provide a description of the criminal process, the Georgetown Law Journal is unique in its comprehensive case citations.  In some instances, a case cite for every sentence of text -- for and against the principle -- is listed for each of the federal courts of appeals.

Quite simply, there is no better resource for the pro se prisoner who seeks to understand, and challenge, his or her conviction or sentence.  For the last four decades, the Georgetown Law Journal has been the go-to text for successful prisoner-litigants, and its well-organized, logical format has made it a staple for many lawyers and judges, too; this year's preface is by Eric H. Holder, Attorney General of the United States.