Prison Grievances: When to Write, How to Write


Prison Grievances: When to Write, How to Write by Terri LeClercq

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Captive Audience Publishing

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ISBN: 978-0-61573-9755

List Price: $10.00, 57 pages plus worksheets

Prison Grievances is part graphic novel, part how-to guide on prison grievances and litigation.  Written with a focus on navigating the administrative remedy process used in the Texas Department of Corrections, Prison Grievances is a terrific introduction to the grievance process for any prisoner whose civil rights are imperiled by official action.

Part One of Prison Grievances is a punchy tale of a volunteer lawyer teaching a group of prisoners about filing properly prepared grievances and how those grievances make their way through the prison and judicial systems.  Prison Grievances illuminates the subject matter with terrific comic-book/graphic novel illustrations that bring the story to life.  It is an excellent primer to grievances for the average prisoner with no legal background.

Part Two, the Workbook Section, offers a comprehensive list of checklists on various subjects of prisoner concern, to assist in organizing claims of excessive force, life endangerment, religious discrimination, medical issues, and a host of other matters that implicate a prisoner's health and safety and quality of life.

Called "an important tool for prisoners and their families" by the Executive Director of the ACLU of Texas, Prison Grievances provides a great deal of important information in an easy-to-understand form.